Jorge graduated from the Soma Institute of Massage Therapy in Chicago. He was motivated by a passion for health and wellness, along with a desire to help those who struggle with chronic pain and stress. He excels at deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal, abdominal visceral, myofascial, cupping and trigger point work.

Growing up a vigorous athlete and immersed in a family of medical professionals, Jorge took a particular interest in the study of kinesiology and physiology. He started working on family members and friends, quickly developing his curiosity for alleviating pain with tissue manipulation. Soon after he decided to begin his career in Clinical Massage Therapy.  Since then, he has worked for a number of years alongside chiropractors and acupuncturists, taking in their expertise and integrating them into his practice.

He is deeply driven to provide a holistic experience that puts the needs and concerns of his clients first, aiding in their recovery and well-being.

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