Allison French graduated from Carl Sandburg College for massage in 2008, when she was immediately drawn toward the effectiveness of Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Sports techniques, as well as Thai Massage. Massage has brought a profound gratification in her life, leading her to further cultivate her manual therapy skills and knowledge by working toward her degree in Kinesiology. Observing and participating in the progression one experiences as they become more in tune with their body through a combination of body awareness, manual maintenance, and self-care is one of the most fulfilling parts in her life, and she hopes to continue her exploration of the complexities of the human body and her effectiveness in healing with her education.

On the rare occasions she’s not glued to text books or practicing massage, you can find her either at the gym, enjoying some live music, amid a good downward dog, indulging in anything science fiction related, or exploring the great outdoors.

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