Zoe was born and raised in Chicago. She grew up in Lincoln Park where her childhood was filled with John Denver music, rainbows, and unicorns. Zoe credits her mom’s holistic sensibilities and homeopathic curiosities that set the foundation, in her formative years, for her regard to the body and its operation. She continued to nurture this way of thinking when she enlisted in massage school.

She graduated from Chicago School of Massage Therapy in March of 2006. She has been a happy and thankful member of the Urban Oasis team since May 2006. Her specialty is performing detailed and specific work to areas that need clinical and therapeutic treatment. She is certified in Sports massage, as well as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Pre-natal, Head, Neck & Shoulder massage Hot Stones massage.
Since entering the world of professional massage therapy, she has only become more ambitious in revealing the body’s true potential to flourish.

In her personal life, she is runner. When she is not running, she is working out at the fitness center. She enjoys walking for miles—sometimes trekking it from her home in Lincoln Square to Urban Oasis. She is a current student earning an associates degree in diet and nutrition–an addendum to her career as a licensed massage therapist. Zoe likes listening to music: Neko Case and The Church, good instrumentals, rainy days, baking, and her two cats.

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