Kara grew up in Evanston, IL as a young athlete, learning about the ways her muscles worked and how to take care of them at a young age. Graduating from California Institute of the Arts for Costume Design, gave her a visual of how the body is connected and studied how it moves. The daughter of a spa queen and traveler, she went all over the world enjoying the different modalities and calmness that comes with a good massage. She soon felt that healing was more important than costumes and decided to move to Texas and learn from New Beginnings School of Massage in Austin, TX in 2015. Banked track roller derby was her other passion, learning to hurt bodies and heal them gave her balance.

For the past 6 years she has become a giver of Thai massage as well as sports and deep tissue. Thai massage spoke to her immediately being an athlete who craves a good stretch. Working her way to a place that inspired her originally to become a massage therapist, she made it to Miraval Austin, learning to do Thai massage not only on silks but in the water among many other energetic practices such as using crystal bowl vibrations and aromatherapy to heal the body. She recently moved back home to Evanston and if she is not massaging, you can find her outside skating, biking and swimming.

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