We have received a lot of positive feedback since we reopened in July. Many of you have told us how essential we are for your physical and mental well-being. You have also expressed your appreciation for the myriad of safety protocols that we have implemented (see below) and for how safe you feel being here. I’m happy to report that our staff and I feel the exact same way. Therefore, please know that it is our firm intention to remain open, at least until such time that Mayor Lightfoot and/or Governor Pritzker come by and barricade our front door.

If you’re unaware of the changes we have made to help keep you safe, here are some of the most prominent:

  • Keeping our front door open to the atrium, increasing air flow into our space.
  • Running an Air Purifier with a HEPA filter in each treatment room
  • Installing a state-of-the-art Bipolar Ionizer inside our air handler, which has been tested and proven to neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 30 minutes. Click here for more information.
  • Keeping the door to the massage room securely open a couple inches during the massage, with fans to increase the air flow around and out of the room.
  • Not offering beverages, so please bring your own water bottle.
  • Not offering a shower. The shower rooms are harder to control and disinfect.

At this time, we have suspended our Online Booking because of the need to get timely personal information from you and explain to you our safety procedures. So, please call us at (312) 640-0001 once you are ready to schedule.

We are very excited to welcome you back to Urban Oasis and look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your continued loyalty!

Peter B Rubnitz, Owner
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