Skin Therapy Services at Maple Street

Whether you need a quick pick me up or an in-depth facial, skincare treatments at Urban Oasis are completely tailored to the needs of your unique skin. As our focus at Urban Oasis is relaxation, our facials can also include scalp, hand or foot moisturizing massage to rejuvenate and relax the body and the mind.*


60-Minute Signature Facial ~  ideal for all skin types

Our Signature Facial begins with face mapping – a detailed skin analysis of your unique skin allowing our Skin Therapists to customize a results-driven facial that is uniquely yours.  Using only professional grade skin care products, our Signature Facial continues with a purifying double cleanse and an exfoliation to slough off impurities and cellular debris, unveiling a more luminous you!  We steam the skin and perform extractions when necessary and finish with a soothing masque and hydrating moisturizer.


30-Minute Express Facial   ~ ideal for all skin types

Get your glow on-the-go with this refreshing and hydrating mini-facial.  Whether it is tired eyes or stubborn breakouts, this service quickly targets and addresses your top skin concerns.  Our Express Facial includes face mapping, double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, soothing masque and hydrating moisturizer.


30-Minute Soothing Face Massage**

This facial massage is the perfect complement to our body massage services.  It provides customized facial acupressure to address energy flow, skin tone and circulation.  This treatment includes a thorough cleanse and soothing moisturizer.


*For optimal results, Urban Oasis recommends facials every 4-6 weeks and a consistent at-home regimen.

**It is only available as a supplement to massage services. It is subject to availability and valid only on the day the massage service is rendered.

Price List

Skin Therapy

  • 15-min Face Mapping – Free
  • 30-min Soothing Face Massage – $60
  • 30- min Express Facial – $75
  • 45- min Facial – $100
  • 60- min Facial – $120
  • 60- min Pro Power Peel – $140
  • 90-min Facial – $175


  • 45-min Back Facial – $100
  • 60-min Back Facial – $120
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  • CBD Lotion – $10
  • 15-min Dermalogica Body Care – $30

(Slough off dry skin  and restore moisture with this smoothing and nourishing body treatment for your hands, scalp or feet.)

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  • Eyebrows – $30
  • Lip, chin, nose, cheeks – $15
  • Full Face – $75
  • Underarms – $30
  • Bikini – $50
  • Brazilian (female only) – $75
  • Shoulders – $25
  • Stomach – $25
  • Back – $75
  • Chest – $65
  • Half Arm/ Full Arm – $45/$65
  • Half Leg/Full Legs – $60/$90


  • Brazilian Package (15% off a series of six sessions) – $330
  • Wild Wax Pack (10% off your choice of waxing services) – $180
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  • Eyebrow Tinting – $25
  • Eyelash Tinting – $40

(This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritations and/or allergic reactions on certain individuals . A patch test is necessary prior to each application. 24hrs between test and tinting is required.)

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