Shiatsu is used to continue the proper flow of Qi (energy), as well as to heal and restart the proper flow when it does get interrupted. The main goal of Shiatsu massage is to bring the body back into its natural balance and let nature continue its course. Practitioners of Shiatsu massage therapy apply pressure to acupoints, located all over the body. They may use many other methods of manipulating them to correct the flow of Qi in a person’s body. Once the proper flow of Qi is restored, the body can begin its natural healing process and bring relief for most ailments. The most common attribute of Shiatsu massage therapy, or acupressure, is the focal point on acupoints. Each practitioner may try to heal differently depending on the illness or each individual’s flow of Qi, but it is to be expected that there will be manipulation of these points on the body. In most situations, the Shiatsu patient will lie either on a mat on the floor, or will lie on a table. During Shiatsu, the patient is usually clothed (wearing loose-fitting clothing), so this makes Shiatsu massage therapy appealing for individuals who are too modest to be undressed.

60 Min – $145
90 Min – $210

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