Molly has been a Massage Therapist since 2004. After a life long interest in self care she wants to share her excessive vitality, stamina and strength to benefit others.

Since 1994 Molly has been a student of Chinese Martial Arts with Master Hong Chao Zhang a renown 8th Duan of Wushu. She now holds a 3rd. degree black sash certificate qualifying her as an assistant instructor of Tai Ji Quan at the Chinese Gong Fu Institute.

As a Massage Therapist Molly offers a versatile set of skills including (John F. Barnes style) Myofascial Release and trigger point therapy as well as other Clinical Muscle Therapy techniques, thoughtfully applied to pin point and resolve painful issues to each client’s satisfaction. Molly gives a vigorously engaging Swedish treatment restoring the supple nature of healthy soft tissue. She is also certified in Prenatal Massage, Bamboo Fusion and Reflexology.

There is a cultural evolution in today’s society and people want to take an active role in their health and comfort. Molly regards massage as assisted self care and she is honored to be allowed to help in the process.

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