Valerie grew up in a world centered around movement—with a passion and drive for tumbling, dance and trampoline class—which laid the foundation for a deep appreciation for all the human body and mind is capable of. Her interest in the mind-body connection expanded to include Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy and practice in 2001, and introduced a holistic perspective to movement, mindfulness, breath and body. 

Valerie’s interest in movement and energetic-based modalities, holistic approaches to health, and the mind-body connection, led her to Pacific College of Health and Science in 2016 where she earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Massage Therapy and East Asian Bodywork—with a focus on Thai massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha and Reiki as healing modalities. She further completed an advanced pre/post natal massage certification and received a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Nature Yoga Sanctuary in 2018, as well as an advanced 65-hour psychologically-sensitive yoga teacher certification from Room to Breathe in 2020. 

With a blended knowledge of anatomical well-being, movement and holistic studies, Valerie is skilled to hold space for others to experience the mind-body connection, as well as provide tools to further improve health and well-being beyond a session. She is honored to support the needs of individuals, and offer a healing space that is welcoming, supportive and safe for all.

In her free-time, Valerie enjoys biking Chicago’s lake-front, practicing yoga, taking dance/movement classes, and exploring the cultural delights of the city with her partner. She loves spending time with her friends, family and fostering the inquisitive minds and exuberant energy of her two nephews.

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