Letting Someone Walk All Over You: Ashiatsu Massage

Letting Someone Walk All Over You: Ashiatsu Massage

Typically, letting someone walk all over you is not a good experience in life. That is, except when you’re getting an Ashiatsu massage.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (Ashiatsu massage) is a far eastern practice from the 12th century. The term “ashiatsu” comes from the Japanese words ashi (foot) and atsu (pressure). It is a type of treatment in which the therapist balances herself from parallel bars mounted above the table and massages you with her soft and hygienic bare feet.

The massage therapist, holding onto the overhead bar while standing on the edge of the massage table, uses the broad and relatively flat surface of her feet. In this position, her body weight allows up to three times the pressure as a hands-only treatment and provides a deep massage to your body. Using the feet also means long, consistent and smooth massage strokes. With Ashiatsu, you can get a deep massage without the therapist using pointy elbows or pressing thumbs. Parallel bars are used for balance, support and your safety.

Benefits of Ashiatsu massage can include:

  • Circulation improvement: Ashiatsu can give the nerves more space and increase circulation by bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the area that is being treated. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation along the spine.
  • Detoxification: Long strokes help flush the body’s lymphatic system which can release metabolic waste at a higher rate.
  • Natural posture alignment: It can create a higher sense of balance and well-being within your body.

According to Urban Oasis therapist Kate B, “Ashiatsu massage is great for anyone who likes really deep pressure, especially those with back pain, tight hamstrings, hips and calves.  When performing an Ashi massage, I have complete control over pressure and can use one foot to work while one foot stays on the table, or both feet at the same time to deliver a deep, luxurious therapy session.  Many clients say they can’t tell whether I’m using my feet or my hands – the broad pressure of my foot surface is much easier to tolerate than specific pressure delivered by my thumbs or elbows.  If you love Deep Tissue massage, I highly recommend you give this technique a try.”

If you’d like to give this unique treatment a try, you can schedule with Cecily, Kate B, Sallie or Suzette at Maple Street; or you can schedule with Danielle, Kate B, Michele, Nour or Sallie at North Avenue.

Please contact us at Urban Oasis for your Ashiatsu massage.

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