Massage These Stress Points to Relax a Crying Baby

Massage These Stress Points to Relax a Crying Baby

Crying babies frequently suffer from different issues like stomach pain, congestion, a cold, or constipation. The ancient art of reflexology has been effectively used to alleviate this type of pain. It believes that each area of the foot is linked to different organs, muscles, and parts of the body. By applying gentle pressure, reflexology can help reduce the discomfort due to different blockages and congestion.

In this way, it may be able to calm an infant by stimulating pressure points throughout their body. This can be especially effective with babies since the muscles and ligaments of their feet are not yet fully developed and are highly receptive to the gentle reflexology rubs.

Here are some effective ways to reduce pain for crying babies:

  1. Stomach Pain

Massage the area near the pads of the feet to treat indigestion, constipation, and heartburn. If that is not effective, the pain may be due to gas and bloating in the lower intestine so rub between the middle of the foot and heel. The baby can experience quick relief since this area is connected to the Solar Plexus which is a collection of nerves between the lungs and the stomach.

  1. Sinus Pain

To relieve sinus pain, massage the center of the underside of their toes. To soothe toothaches and headaches, massage the tips of their toes.

  1. Chest Symptoms

Massage the pads of the feet, under the toes and above the arch in circular motions, to treat a cough, or to relieve chest congestion.

  1. Hip area

There can be pain in the hips or legs as a result of the growth of the baby. In this case, gently rub their heels.

Finally, if this is not effective, try a warm bath, a car ride or a long walk in the stroller. This seemed to work for my children!

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