Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

As a child or a spouse, this is one holiday celebration that just can’t be messed up. Eighty percent of Americans celebrate this day and, on average, spend $172 on gifts.  This is why we suggest doing some planning for the perfect Mother’s Day:

Food: Planning a meal is critical to start the day for every mother. Breakfast in bed is always a special treat or plan to dine at one of her favorite restaurants. If planning to eat at home, make it special by decorating the kitchen on that day. Alternately, you can arrange a lunch date with her best friend.

Flowers: This gift is always perfect for this type of celebration, but rather than getting roses, choose pink lilies, orchids and tulips which are more traditional.

Handmade cards and gifts from kids. Anyone can buy a card, but Mothers will cherish homemade ones for the rest of their lives.

Make a video. Have children or grandchildren talk about their mom on camera! Here are some ideas.

Let her pick her favorite activity. Join her in biking, gardening or some other activity. Alternately, the entire family could participate at her favorite charity.

Massage therapy. This is always a special treat to show that you care and get her a bit of professional pampering. While it may not be practical to get a massage on Mother’s Day, a gift card would be most appreciated!   (If buying online, use promo code “mom” to receive 10% off.)

Do her little favors. Anything from bringing her favorite drink to unloading the dishwasher without her asking could be a perfect way to spoil her for Mother’s Day. This will let her relax and enjoy some downtime from her usual routine or obligations.

Let her sleep in. If the mom has little children, this might the best gift of all. Take the kids out on your own and allow her to sleep until noon!

Give chocolate: Who doesn’t like chocolate?

Still don’t have the perfect gift? There is an app for that too!



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