What Your Sweetheart Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

What Your Sweetheart Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach over $20 billion this year. Of the all the people that will be celebrating, the average gift is almost $150. At this price, what should you get your sweetheart this year?

Many people always decide to play it safe and get roses, chocolates, or maybe a new tie. They repeat the same thing year after year. Others ask their special someone what they actually want for Valentine’s Day, but that can take the romantic surprise out of it.

According to a recent survey commissioned by shopping site, Ebates, women and men actually most want the exact same thing; “A nice dinner out and something thoughtful”.  After that, women want jewelry and men want a romantic getaway.

For something thoughtful, we, of course, recommend a special treat at Urban Oasis.  Book his or her favorite massage therapist for a 60 or 90-minute treatment or try something new like a hot stone massage.  Better yet, you can both get a massage and then have a wonderful dinner out afterwards!

What gifts should you stay away from? For women, they don’t want lingerie.  For men, forget any kind of flowers or their favorite alcohol.

What about non-material gifts? For women, they want love, a kiss, a husband or a marriage proposal. Men want passionate time together.  (Yeah, the old Venus and Mars thing).

Finally, do not forget the all-important card. Both men and women want one, funny or not, with a heartfelt note inside!




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