Massage Therapists

Urban Oasis has approximately 40 massage therapists on staff offering a wide range and style of massage therapies.

All of our Therapists are certified graduates of accredited schools and licensed in the state of Illinois. Most have graduated from local massage therapy schools but we also have therapists who are from, and were trained in, China, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and Thailand.

Each Therapist is unique and has developed his or her own style and approach to bodywork.

If one isn’t exactly to your liking, please let us know and we will try to better match your needs with the skill set of another Therapist.


Allison French graduated from Carl Sandburg College for massage in 2008, when she was immediately drawn toward the effectiveness of Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Sports techniques, […]


Barrett grew up in the midwest and went to college at the St. Louis University where she graduated with Psychology and Art degrees in 2000.


Carolyn graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2003. She is a 1st degree black belt in Seido karate, an avid biker and a […]


Cecily is a graduate of the CSMT*. To accommodate the needs of her clients, she draws from several modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Sports […]

Dani B

Dani B is a licensed clinical and structural integration therapist with several years of experience in bodywork. A graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Chicago, she […]


Whether you are seeking help to recover from life activities or are in desperate need of putting the yin back in your yang, Danielle is up […]


Deb graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy after a 14-year career as a ballet dancer (thus the tree pic). She enjoys incorporating a Swedish […]


Deborah graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2009. With over 12 years of experience she combines Swedish, deep tissue and clinical techniques to […]


Jenae became interested in massage therapy during high school because she was active in sports and had a history of muscle tension that lead her to […]

Jennifer St

Jennifer was drawn to massage, after a life in restaurants and retail, by the idea of supporting general health by using touch and movement.

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